PORSA International

PORSA International is a group of joint venture manufacturing companies.
PORSA was established in 1960 in Denmark and started joint venture production in:

1978 - PORSA Tunisia
1980 - PORSA Italy
1990 - PORSA Poland
1995 - PORSA Estonia
1995 - PORSA Ukraine
1995 - PORSA Russia
1997 - PORSA Czech Republic

We offer optimal concept solutions for shops, DIY centres, shop chains, museums, banks, post offices, laboratories, dentists and medical furniture for hospitals and clinics etc. We manufacture standard as well as individual solutions by means of our modern and flexible machinery. We have designed and manufactured shop equipment systems since 1960. Our product assortment covers a wide range of products, from aluminium systems and steel shelves to unique fittings and special products.

Today PORSA International comprises PORSA joint venture companies and distributors in the following countries:
Joint venture companies:

◦ Denmark
◦ Czech Republic
◦ Poland
◦ Estonia
◦ Russia
◦ Ukraine
◦ Italy
◦ Tunisia

◦ Canada
◦ Jamaica
◦ United Kingdom
◦ Norway
◦ Lithuania
◦ Slovakia
◦ Hungary
◦ Latvia